Favorite Bridge: CMU Defunct Bridge Turned Fence

I am limited in my knowledge of Pittsburgh bridges due to my relatively recent arrival to the city and the lack of a car. However, there is one bridge (well, former bridge) that I walk by every day. The fence is one of the most iconic historic components of Carnegie Mellon University. Though currently it functions like its name, separating one half of the cut from another, it stands where there was once a bridge over the valley (now filled) between Carnegie Institute of Technology and Margaret Morrison Carnegie College. The now non-existent bridge used to be a popular meeting place for the Men from Carnegie Tech and the women of Margret Morrison. Today, the fence serves a similar purpose, providing a space for students to meet. It also provides free advertising space for upcoming events at the CMU, as students are allowed to paint the fence to promote their gatherings. Though not currently one of the many bridges of Pittsburgh, it is still worth checking out when visiting the city!

-Emma Slayton