Legal Neighborhoods and Networked Communities: The Visual Inspection Post

As part of my work analyzing the relationship between Pittsburgh’s legal neighborhoods and the communities that can be found by analyzing the structure of the road network, I generated numerous maps that overlap network modularity classes on the city neighborhoods. For one of these maps (which included 86 modularity classes), I conducted an extensive visual inspection of how the modularity classes intersected the neighborhoods. I provide these notes here, separate from the methods post and analysis post, in case they are of interest:

Within the bridges/rivers:

Central Business District/North Shore is largely a self-contained community w/in neighborhood, though a bit of blurring at boundary with Bluff/Crawford Roberts/Strip District.  Probable cause of this blurring is the 579 interchanges and on/off ramps. Includes Allegheny Center from the north side of the point, and South Shore on the south side of the point.

Bluff/Crawford Roberts/Terrace Village/Middle Hill/Bedford Dwellings form a single downtown community, with blurring into West and South Oakland.

Strip District/Lower Lawrence/Central Lawrence for a self-contained community, with some blurring at the edge of Bloomfield and a SHARP divide between Central and Upper Lawrenceville.

Upper Lawrenceville/Stanton Heights form a community, with a sharp divide from Morningside.  A couple of stray nodes head into East Liberty but pretty strong divide against Garfield as well.

Morningside/Highland Park form a community that bleeds south into upper East Liberty.  There is a small cluster of nodes at the northwest of Morningside at the base of the bridge that are instead in a community across the river/out of the city.

East Liberty/Larimer form a community with some bleeding upward into Lincoln-Lemington-Belmar and eastward into Homewood West.

Polish Hill/Upper Hill/North Oakland for a community with bleeding west into Middle Hill and east into Bloomfield and Shadyside.

Central Oakland/South Oakland/West Oakland for a community with bleeding north into North Oakland.

Shadyside forms its own community, with a bit of bleeding southwest into Squirrel Hill north and one tiny cluster of nodes creeping northeast into East Liberty.

Squirrel Hill North forms its own community with bleeding east into Point Breeze. It also contains about half of Squirrel Hill South, split with Greenfield and a bit of nodes from south of the river/outside city limits.  These latter nodes appear to be the new Summerset development on the hill near the new CVS and a bit of Duck Hollow.

Greenfield is equally split between two communities – the western community it shares with Hazelwood west and Glen Hazel. The eastern community it shares with Hazelwood east and Squirrel Hill South.

Swisshelm Park has a few nodes that it shares with Squirrel Hill South’s southern nodes that continue on south of the river/outside city limits. The majority of the neighborhood is in a community it shares with Swissvale/outside the city limits.

Regent Square is part of a community that includes the eastern parts of Point Breeze (east of Frick Park) and continues over city limits into Edgewood/Wilkinsburg north of 376 and west of Rt. 8.

Point Breeze North is its own community, bleeding south into Point Breeze above Frick Park and north into Homewood West and Homewood South.  It also shares a few points on its eastern edge with the Regent Square etc. community.

Lincoln-Lemington-Belmar/Homewood North/Homewood South/Homewood West form a singular community that bleeds a bit east into East Hills and north from Homewood North over the city limits, however primarily other communities are bleeding into it, not the other way around.

East Hills is split into two communities, one that is bleeding a bit into Homewood South and extends southwards to 376 and northwards as well.  The other extends south to 376 and east to the edge of the map.


North Shore/Allegheny Center connected to Central Business District across the river.  Bleeds over a bit into Troy Hill as well.

East Allegheny/Spring Hill-City View and the southern parts of Spring Garden form a community.

The northern parts of Spring Garden form a community with roads outside city limits.

Troy Hill is its own community.

Herrs Island is its own community.

Chateau/Manchester/Allegheny West form a community with a bit of eastern bleeding into Allegheny Center and northern bleeding into the western part of Marshall Shadeland.

Marshall-Shadeland/Brighton Heights form a community, but the northern chunk of Brighton Heights breaks off into its own community with streets from outside the city limits and a few scattered points into Perry North.

The northern part of Perry North is its own community with northern Summer Hill.

The southern part of Perry North is its own community with southern Summer Hill, also Northview Heights/Carlifornia-Kirkblade/Central Northside/Perry South/Fineview.

I believe there is another community in here, in the Spring Hill-City View/East Allegheny area but am having trouble with coloring schemes, need to revisit more precisely.


New Homestead forms its own community with areas reaching towards Homestead that are outside the city limits.

Lincoln Place forms its own community with surrounding areas outside the city limits.

Hays is largely empty of nodes, consistent with the fact that Hays Woods is the city’s largest greenspace.

Southside Flats form a community, bleeding south into Southside Slopes.

Arlington/Arlington Heights form a community, along with the south/eastern part of Southside Slopes and a bit of northern Mt. Oliver Boro.

St. Clair forms a community with Mt. Oliver/southern Mt. Oliver Boro/southern Knoxville/Bon Air and a bit of northern Carrick.

Carrick is split between a large community in central Carrick, a small community on its southern border that connects to southern Overbrook and areas outside city limits, and a bit of a community on its eastern border that connects to areas outside city limits.

Brookline/northern Overbrook form a community.

Parts of western Brookline connect to a community in southern Beechview and outside city limits.

Beechview forms a community with bleedover into Brookline and Banksville.

Banksville does not appear to strongly belong to any single community, it loses chunks to two outside communities as well as Beechview.

Allentown/Belzhoover/northern Knoxville and part of western Southside Slopes form a community that also includes a chunk of eastern Mount Washington.

Mount Washington/Duquesne Heights form a community.

South Shore is connected to Central Business District.

West End/Ridgemont belong to a community with strong ties over city limits.

Elliot/Crafton Heights form a community.

Sheradon/Chartiers City/Windgap/Fairywood form a community with bleedover outside city limits.

Westwood/Oawood and the southern part of Crafton Heights form a community with areas outside the city limits.

East Carnegie splits north/south with two communities primarily outside city limits.  The northern community reaches all the way to a few points in Fairywood.

Esplen is its own community.